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Welcome to Homeland Creamery

Homeland Creamery is family owned and operated by the Bowmans. “We are six and seventh generation farmers and have been raising Holstein cows on the same homestead for the last 4 generations. In the 1930’s our grandfather started selling “barnyard milk” from a half-dozen dairy cows that were milked by hand.”  The milking herd has now grown to around 200 cows both Holstein and Jersey.  The cows are milked with automatic milking machines twice a day.  The cows are family too!

Our Christian faith, loving family, and support from the community have kept us strong. We hope to pass the farm to the next generation and then the next.

We are a sustainable farm

Our Natural Approach to Farming helps You! Being sustainable means the way we farm helps protect our cows and the environment. Our barn is cleaned daily which makes happy cows. We then use the manure as natural fertilizer on our fields which makes happy crops . We practice no till soil conservation which means that we don’t till or plow the soil to eliminate weeds when we prepare our fields for sowing. This no till process helps with soil erosion and water runoff, improves wildlife habitat, and helps reduce greenhouse gases and fuel use. Because we spread manure on our fields, it attracts earthworms and other earth moving insects which do the cultivating for us. We also reuse water from our creamery to wash our milking parlor.

What else?

  • Our cows are free to graze in our pastures.
  • We do not use hormones such as BST/rBGH on our farm.
  • We are your local dairy farmer so our milk doesn’t travel far & as a result is fresher!.
  • If a cow ever requires medication, the milk is discarded long after the recommended time to ensure no antibiotics enter our milk supply.

After all, if our cows are treated well and eat well then they are healthier, happier and produce a better quality milk. That makes us happier!

Watch Our Mini Documentary

Who is Homeland Creamery and Bowman Dairy?

Watch this short clip produced by The Southeast United Dairy Association to learn more. If you’re interested in seeing our farm in person, email tours@homelandcreamery.com for tour information.

Hay Rides & Ice Cream!!

We would love to have you visit to see where our milk comes from. Whether you are looking for a school field trip or a family outing, our farm tours are fun for all ages. Tours are by reservation only due to limited seating

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Farm Fresh from the Heart of NC

For four generations we’ve been producing farm fresh milk. Help support your local farmer and buy from our Creamery Store or your local market.

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