Homeland Creamery

Who Are We?

Homeland Creamery, LLC is located in southeast Guilford County, NC.  We supply the local area with dairy products of the highest quality, freshness, good taste, and free from added hormones and antibiotics. Want to know where your food comes from? Come visit our Creamery store or schedule a farm tour to see how it all works. If you have never been on a farm before, our tours will show you a real farm experience!

More than ever, it is important to know your food source.  Our milk comes from healthy well-fed Holsteins (and a few Jersey’s) produced without artificial growth hormones or antibiotics.  We feel it is important for dairy cows to graze freely in pasture and consume healthy, green grass whenever possible.  During winter months we feed them corn, hay and mixed feed grown right on our farmland.  We think our milk is healthier not just because it is local but because milk from grass-fed cows has a higher content of vitamins and Omega-3s.  Homeland Creamery milk is enzyme-rich due to our low-temperature vat pasteurization process. These enzymes are crucial for digestion, as they assimilate nutrients into the body. We are one of very few dairies to pasteurize milk this way. Our process kills harmful bacteria, in compliance with FDA rules, without harming enzymes. Because of this, many people who have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant can drink our milk!    Give our local, fresh, delicious milk a try. It’s good for you!

David, Terry, Chris, and Jayne Bowman



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