Homeland Creamery

Who Are We?

Homeland Creamery, LLC is located in southeast Guilford County, in the delightful town of Julian, NC. Homeland Creamery supplies the local area with dairy products of the highest quality, freshness, and great taste!

Our Family

Homeland Creamery is family owned and operated by the Bowmans. We are six and seventh generation farmers who have been raising and milking cows on the same homestead since the 1930’s when our grandfathers’ family started selling “barnyard milk” from a half-dozen dairy cows that were milked by hand.  The milking herd has now grown to around 200 cows and the cows are milked with automatic milking machines.  The cows are our family too!

Our Farm

Our Natural and Sustainable Approach to Farming helps the environment and You! We always use safe farming practices on our farm from our crops to our cows.  Sustainable farming helps to protect our cows and preserve the environment. We remove manure from our barns twice daily.  This manure is stored in a lagoon which is later used in the summer months as natural fertilizer on our fields.  This results in a clean barn (happy cows) and natural fertilizer on the fields (happy crops). We also practice no till soil conservation which means that we don’t till or plow the soil to eliminate weeds when we prepare our fields for sowing.  Instead, we rely on the earthworms and other soil moving insects that are attracted to the fields by the manure we distributed to do the cultivation for us.  This no till process helps with soil erosion and water runoff, improves wildlife habitat, and helps reduce greenhouse gases and fuel use.  We also reuse water used to cool the milk after pasteurization to clean our parlor after milking.

How are we Different?

The difference is in the process.  We use a pasteurization process known as vat pasteurizing. In this process the milk is cooked at a lower temperature for a longer period, about 35 minutes, as opposed to “Ultra-pasteurizing” when the milk is cooked at a high temperature for several seconds.  This retains a high percentage of the milk’s natural enzymes and beneficial bacteria which adds to the flavor and health benefits of the milk. The advantages to vat pasteurization are evident in the quality and creamy taste of the milk.

What else?

  • We do not use rBST hormones on our farm.
  • Being local means our milk doesn’t travel far & as a result is fresher!

After all, if our cows are treated well, then they are healthier, happier and produce a better quality milk. That makes us happier!

It’s comforting to know where our food comes from.   Our milk comes from our own well-fed Holsteins and Jerseys..  We practice sustainable farming procedures to make sure there is no harm to our environment and that our workers are safe and our cows healthy and happy.   The cows are milked on site in our milk parlor and the milk is processed and bottled in our own processing plant right on our farm.  The milk never leaves the farm until it is ready to be delivered to our customers.    That gives us total control over our quality and guarantees the freshest milk for you.  Give our fresh, delicious milk a try.  It’s good for you!

Want to know where your milk comes from?  Come visit our creamery store or schedule a farm tour to see how it all works.  If you have never been on a farm before, our tours will show you a real farm experience!

Owners: David, Terry, Chris, and Jayne Bowman



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